Mapping / Surveying

We specialise in performing boundary surveys, topographic surveys, utility surveys, feasibility studies, construction layout and pre-design base mapping on projects of all sizes. We offer innovative solutions and the latest technology to complete tasks on time and under budget while maintaining fast turnaround and accurate deliverables. Aerial surveying is about 80% faster, generates million times more data-points than a traditional survey.

  • Reduce the field time
  • Accurate and exhaustive data
  • Unsafe and inaccessible areas can be surveyed easily

Progress Monitoring

Most construction projects finish late and over budget. And it’s no surprise. Managing the many moving parts required to take a construction project from start to finish can be challenging. That’s where drones come in.

Using bird-eye-view videos and as-built 3D models, Basit offers unique and remote visibility to all the stakeholders of a project. Our solutions aim to provide decision makers with unparalleled visibility to the project, in no time and on their screen to avoid delays, cost over runs and design mistakes. We also cater to pre-emptive maintenance of dams, bridges and canals.

Volumetric Analysis

Basit provides optimised solutions for effective monitoring and planning of rapidly changing topography of mines. 3D models for visualisation, volumetric analysis for cut & fill analysis & planning, high resolution videos for inspection and documentation. Like every other service lines, Basit helps customers with a holistic solution that enables them to act on the data right away. Drones can offer stock-pile management and workflow optimisation efficiently and quickly than current industry standards. Raster datasets generated with drones can help monitor mine benches and prevent land sliding, potentially saving lives and capital.

Custom Requests

We can tailor our services based on your requirements. Let us know what you are hoping to solve and we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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