We are a technology company that uses drones, AI, photogrammetry and big data to provide integrated drone solutions for clients in infrastructure, mining, power and asset management.

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Basit Aerotech is a pioneer in the drone-as-a-service(D-a-a-S) industry in India. With a steep rise in consumer drone applications, we believe D-a-a-S is the present and future way of outsourcing risks, costs and administrative tasks.

Our service lines in Infrastructure are first of their kinds and relied upon by a number of established industry players across the value chain. We collect, process and deliver high accuracy aerial datasets to companies involved at each stage of construction. Right from surveying at designing stage to progress tracking or auditing during execution, we custom deliver aerial data at a speed unimagined by traditional technologies.

Through state-of-the-art data collection and analysis, we are able to deliver transformative intelligence that optimises energy production, protects people and improves infrastructure, all while simplifying maintenance and management processes.

Our focus on helping customers make the most of our data sets us apart. To stay ahead in this rapidly advancing industry, we at Basit, dedicate 30% of our resources (Including time!) into R&D. With offices in Ahmedabad & Mumbai, we cater to all the states in India.

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Our goal is to enable our clients to make precise, confident and swift decisions by boosting visibility into their projects at an unparalleled level.

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