Drone Data Analytics

Our turnkey Aerial Intelligence defines how decision makers are going to manage their projects in the coming years!

Our Services

The Basit Proposition

We Deliver High-Accuracy data on-time, EVERYTIME to drive confident decisions for your business.


The Drone-as-a-Service

Drones are most efficient in a productized state, with the analytics and models ready to use the data to solve specific problems. Drones-as-a-service dramatically reduce time to value for our clients’ drone operations. Client’s only job will be to adapt these starting points to make them solve the unique problems of one’s business. Drones can provide businesses with types of data they’ve never had access to before, enabling decision makers to have a more complete picture of their operations.We seek to create a product that combines everything a client needs to achieve success with drones, from hardware to software to applications, including cloud access to the processed data, all in one place.

Less Human Intervention
Minutes fly-time to map
upto 175 Acres
Million - average data points in a square km
Mapping / Surveying

Urban Planning, Geo-referencing, Feasitbility Studies, Design Surveys, Pre-bid surveys.

Progress Monitoring

Boost visibility into your projects from your desks using as-built models generated using drones.

Volumetric Analysis

Precise and fast earthworks / pile volume analysis for compliance or billing reconciliations.


Excavation reports, Bench monitoring / planning, Contour Maps, Boundary Mapping.


We believe drones can be a great ally of sustainability

Drones already are and incrementally will be positively impacting our efforts towards sustainability by increasing efficiencies, visibility in areas of green energy, agriculture, public infrastructure and reforestation.


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Our aim is to enable our clients to make precise, confident and swift decisions through the accurate aerial data.